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The Neuroscience of Leadership – Why the Brain Follows

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Business as usual is decidedly unusual these days. The COVID-19 pandemic, a tumultuous political environment, and fluctuating economic realities have complicated the business and social environment. Many of the old rules we take for granted are no longer working. Business leaders and managers are struggling with their leadership roles, as well.

Traditional leadership training is in crisis, because it is based on many decades of anecdotal evidence, personal experiences and glorious personalities.

The same old answers are no longer relevant in our new reality. Now is the time to rely on science to make leadership more predictable, reliable and successful.

Ali Stowe Thank you again so much for your time with our community tonight. During the call and after, we got some terrific responses from the attendees about your presentation. It was such a fantastic look at our work at No Labels from another lens and gives us a lot to think about for how we frame our mission and movement when creating this sense of political belonging. We’re so grateful for your time spent with us. ~ Ali Stowe, Vice President, No Labels
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Powered by Neuroscience research in the past 2-3 decades, enormous strides have been made in our understanding of how humans make decisions. Now, we have gained a better understanding of what motivates people to follow leaders. Neuromarketing, for example, has been unlocking the secrets of how consumers make buying decisions. It has revolutionized the marketing and advertising industry. That same research provides new insights into effective leadership decision-making.

People Do Things for Unexpected Reasons

One group of researchers studied parole board decisions. In their study, they discovered that the time of day made a huge difference in the judges’ decisions. When their decisions were made right after breakfast or lunch, 60% of prisoners were granted parole. When the decisions came hours after a meal, almost no paroles were granted. The details of the cases mattered much less than the judges’ blood sugar levels. After a meal, they had more energy available to their brains. When their brains functioned at full capacity, their decisions were more lenient.

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That study illustrates what Neuroscientists have learned: Most decisions made by people are affected more by unconscious responses than logical reasoning. For business leaders, understanding how our decisions are made is the key to motivating their followers.

Leadership powered by science is simply more effective because it no longer depends on individuals or special circumstances. That is the foundation of the Neuroscience of Leadership.

Empower Leaders with Neuroscience to Adapt Changes

In an unpredictable business environment, old-fashioned, hunch-based leadership development cannot provide the fresh approach that is needed to solve emergent issues in the workplace. Instead, a deep and thoroughly researched approach that understands how our brains really work is needed. Neuroscience research shows the way for business and organizational leadership.

Dr. Terry Wu is a seasoned Neuroscientist who is at the forefront of the Neuromarketing revolution. As a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader, he is now focusing his research on leadership decision-making. What he has learned will change your perspective on why people follow. Now, he is bringing this new perspective to corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial audiences through speaking and consulting. He wants to share what has been learned with organizations faced with unprecedented challenges. He has been speaking extensively at virtual and in-person conferences and events.

Nate Garvis Terry Wu brings the fascinating world of Neuroscience and Psychology into understandable and compelling form. That awareness allows for important strategies and actions in how to better connect with those who are most important to you. He has an extraordinary ability to connect the science of human behavior to business leadership. Terry is a one of the speakers in our Hero Speaker Series. – Nate Garvis, Co-Founder, Studio E
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