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Apply Neuroscience to Leadership Training

Dr. Terry Wu’s engaging and enthralling speaking style makes complex Neuroscience fascinating and entertaining.

Dr. Wu turns the Neuroscience of Why People Follow into actionable insights to equip leaders with proven tools. He offers scientific explanations and predictions about leaders’ and followers’ behaviors. His original, unique leadership training guides leaders to gain more confidence and achieve more success.

Post-pandemic uncertainties and a mental health crisis have complicated business and social environments. The old rules no longer work. Leaders struggle to find guidance to weather through the storms.

Good leaders know how to lead. Great leaders understand Why People Follow.
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Leadership speakers and trainers have run out of anecdotes and stories to shed light on our new challenges. Outdated strategies and tools are no longer relevant in our new reality. Now is the time to rely on science to make leadership more predictable, reliable, and successful.

1.2+ million people have watched this Big Think program featuring Dr. Terry Wu exclusively.
Leadership development is in crisis because it relies on anecdotal evidence, unverifiable personal experiences, and famous personalities.

Our knowledge of human behavior and decision-making is advancing rapidly. The Neuroscience of Human Decisions has unlocked the secrets of Why People Follow. Dr. Wu turns such research into real-world actions. He empowers leaders with Neuroscience-driven training to gain more confidence and produce more desirable outcomes.

Ali Stowe Thank you again so much for speaking at our event today. During the event and after, we got some terrific responses from the attendees about your talk on the Science of Us vs Them. It was such a fantastic look at our work at No Labels from another lens and gives us a lot to think about for how we frame our mission and movement when creating this sense of political belonging. We’re so grateful for your time spent with us and your timely insights. ~ Ali Stowe, Vice President, No Labels

Why the Brain Follows

Leaders who don’t understand why people follow are like salespeople who don’t know why people buy. Decades of scientific research have given us insights into what makes people follow leaders. Science-powered leadership development is much more effective and needed in our current times.

Empower Leaders with Neuroscience to Adapt to Change

In an unpredictable business environment, old-fashioned, buzzword-based leadership training and development have failed to improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

No evidence shows that chasing the latest fads, such as Why, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Empathy, has produced anything meaningful. Now, intelligent leaders seek guidance distilled from the science of the human brain and behavior.

Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Terry Wu is a renowned Neuroscientist and highly sought-after speaker. His interactive and inspiring speaking style brings the latest Neuroscience research to Leadership Training and Development.

He has been sharing the perspective of Why People Follow to corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial audiences worldwide. His fascinating and thought-provoking workshops and keynotes have given leaders a new set of tools and skills.

Neuroscience of Leadership Trainer Speaker
Mike Gregory If you have not heard Dr. Terry Wu speak, you are missing out. I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Terry speak in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I was blown away. Working with neuroscientists, keeping up on current events in the field and sharing ideas with others is my passion. Terry presented an entirely new set of information to me in a way that I and the entire audience could clearly understand and apply. Terry has so much insight and provides such great information that you want to know more. More importantly, he presents it in such a nice way that everyone appreciates his interactive, educational, fun, and humorous style. I highly recommend Dr. Terry Wu as a speaker to help you understand and apply neuroscience for your firm, association, or society. The participants will leave with a very positive feeling and with a perspective that they can take immediate action based on his insights. ~ Mike Gregory, CEO, Speaker, and Author, The Collaboration Effect
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