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Game-Changing Workshop on Belonging and Us vs. Them

DEI training often employs shaming and blaming for quick results but drives people apart.

Fostering a culture of belonging is a proven, sustainable approach to bring people together. Dr. Terry Wu offers a fresh perspective that transcends traditional DEI practices. He provides leaders with actionable insights grounded in Neuroscience to bridge divides and enhance team dynamics.

In this groundbreaking and powerful workshop, Dr. Wu sheds light on what truly pulls us apart and what brings us together. Say goodbye to shaming and blaming tactics. Get ready to experience an incredible scientific exploration of the brain and how it shapes humanity.

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Workshop: Shift from Us vs. Them to Belonging

Learning Objectives:

Why This Workshop Is Different:

100% “Satisfied” with 72% “Very Satisfied.” Click here to read the positive feedback from 100+ leaders who participated in this workshop in October 2023.

Dr. Wu presents the latest research findings to explain why Us-vs-Them hostilities grow and intensify. Participants will understand the subconscious factors that drive human behavior and learn how to harness this knowledge to create a more inclusive and cohesive team.

Dr. Wu’s leadership training is interactive and thought-provoking. He challenges participants’ assumptions and lets them see the good and bad of group behaviors. He shares practical tools and strategies that focus on cultivating belonging, which is critical for creating a safe environment where everyone can thrive.

Unlike conventional DEI training programs that make certain groups of people feel defensive and guilty, Dr. Wu puts his audiences at ease.

Target Audiences and Details:

Apply the Science of Belonging

Despite significant investments in DEI initiatives over the years, progress has been limited. Many approaches fall short by focusing on meeting quotas rather than fostering a genuine sense of belonging. There is also an increasing backlash against diversity training and efforts.

Dr. Wu’s workshop offers practical strategies rooted in Neuroscience to help leaders build inclusive teams, cultures, and DEI efforts effectively. Join Dr. Terry Wu on an interactive journey that will equip you with the tools needed to create a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and truly belongs. Let science guide your path to inclusive leadership.

Neuroscience of DEI Training Workshop Dr. Terry Wu
Cheryl Graeve As part of the League of Women Voters and the National Institute for Civil Discourse Network’s sessions designed to help concerned citizens engage our differences productively, Dr. Terry Wu presented “The Science of Us vs Them.” He translates complex Neuroscience findings into interesting and easily digestible understandings for everyday Americans. In a time when our divisions are so elevated in the national story, this session helps us understand better how we can go from “Us and Them” into “Me and You.” Participants in this network care about our democracy and want to be part of building trust and bridging divides in our country. They shared their enthusiasm for Dr. Wu’s presentation, with 87% indicating it exceeded their expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Wu’s talk and consider it an important element in building our human abilities to understand and better engage differences productively. ~ Cheryl Graeve, Director of National Programs, National Institute for Civil Discourse
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