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Dr. Wu will be happy to work with you as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator if you would like to harness the power of Neuroscience to turbo-charge your leadership training, conferences, and events. He will enlighten your audience with fresh, unique content.

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Empower Your Leadership Through Science

Leadership is a hot topic. There are many speakers and gurus who have their unique takes on this subject. However, most leadership strategies and tactics are based on anecdotal evidence, personal experiences, and personalities. Leadership development is in crisis because the COVID-19 pandemic has made all those strategies and tactics obsolete. Dr. Wu applies his research into human decision-making to empower leaders to lead more effectively. He focuses not only on how to lead but also on why people follow. Book him for your next virtual or in-person event or conference.

Scott Welle I’ve been fortunate to hear Terry speak multiple times and he has the unique ability to blend proven, relevant research WITH practical strategies that people can use and implement immediately. If you’re looking to better understand the neuroscience of leadership, Terry is a captivating speaker who always delivers. He will WOW and empower your audience. ~ Scott Welle, Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Best-Selling Author
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