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Millions of people have watched Dr. Wu’s Big Think interview, TED Talk and keynote speeches.

If you need a keynote or workshop speaker for your leadership training event or consulting services on the Neuroscience of Leadership, Dr. Wu will be happy to discuss ways he can assist you. As a renowned Neuroscientist and marketing and leadership expert, he delivers unique insights that have proven extremely valuable to his clients in all industry sectors.

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Empower Your Leadership Through Science

Leadership is a hot topic. There are many speakers and gurus who have their unique takes on this subject. However, most leadership strategies and tactics are based on anecdotal evidence, personal experiences and personalities. Leadership development is in crisis because the COVID-19 pandemic has made all those strategies and tactics obsolete. Dr. Wu uses his insights into human decision-making to empower leaders to lead more effectively. He focuses not only on how to lead, but also why people follow. Book him for your next virtual or in-person event or conference.

Brenda Thoeny Johnson Terry, your talk was a smashing success! It was definitely one of the more talked about speeches. The attendees were lucky to have such an amazing session to attend. I am happy to connect you with our governing body, the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council. This group is always looking for great education opportunities for members. Thank you again for your time, and for sharing your knowledge. Brenda Thoeny-Johnson, Director, Strategic Business Solutions, Cartus and Event Director, Minnesota Employee Relocation Council
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