Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker Trainer

Transformative Workshop on Decision-Making

Anxiety, stress, and ambiguity influence leadership decisions and create numerous blind spots.

Why settle for guesswork when you can harness the power of Neuroscience? Dr. Wu’s thought-provoking, impactful workshop reveals how leaders unknowingly sabotage their teams and how to sharpen their decision-making edge. It’s time to go beyond gut feelings and embrace the science that underpins effective leadership.

Traditional leadership training failed to prepare leaders to lead through tumultuous times, as the pandemic exposed. It relies rare anecdotes, fictitious stories, and empty buzzwords instead of science, so leaders can’t find reliable guidance.

Dr. Wu presents a science-driven framework that enables leaders to develop proven strategies that produce predictable and successful outcomes.

Workshop: Achieve Leadership Decision Mastery

Learning Objectives:

Why This Workshop Is Different:

90% “Very Satisfied” + 5% “Satisfied.” Click here to read the positive feedback on Dr. Wu’s presentation, which earned an NPS score of 79.

Dr. Wu debunks common myths about feel-good buzzwords, such as empathy and positivity, and gives leaders a new perspective on motivating their followers and reaching their goals. He helps leaders better understand their followers’ emotions and behaviors. Examining leadership from a follower’s perspective is crucial but often ignored.

Dr. Wu explains why everyone talks about emotional intelligence, but few have it, especially during crises. He guides his audience to separate fundamental skills from wishful thinking. He fills the gap between theory and practice of emotional intelligence with applicable tools.

Dr. Wu discusses what happens when reason collides with emotion. He teaches techniques to overcome our tendency to rush to judgments and conclusions.

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Lead with Confidence and Success by Following Science

Growing evidence has shown that emotions and feelings are the driving force of human decisions. We seek safety by conforming to our groups’ beliefs. We bond quickly with those who are similar to us. We react to what happens around us based on our feelings, not thoughts. We trust that we apply reason and logic often, yet we rarely see how irrational we are.

Dr. Terry Wu has distilled many scientific insights into leadership decision-making. He presents this essential knowledge in an engaging and entertaining style, and his audiences always feel empowered by his fascinating presentations and workshops.

Don’t miss this opportunity to adopt an innovative leadership approach and create a more productive team. Reach out to Dr. Terry Wu today and unlock the full potential of leadership decisions for your audience or team.

Neuroscience of Leadership Decision Making Training Dr. Terry Wu
Ivy Lewis Dr. Terry Wu’s presentation on the Neuroscience of Leadership was exceptionally well received at our event. His rich, science-driven content was a breath of fresh air. He turned complex Neuroscience research into interesting stories that everyone can relate to. Dr. Wu explained how decisions by leaders and followers are impacted by many subtle influences that we rarely paid attention to. He debunked some common myths about leadership that are inconsistent with science. Our audience was most impressed by the distinction he made about empathy and compassion and found that very insightful to their work. We all had many takeaways that we could implement quickly. We received very positive feedback from our audience after the presentation. We look forward to inviting him back to speak at our events in the near future ~ Ivy Lewis, President, ZL Consulting
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