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The Science of Us vs Them

The Us-vs-Them division is the root cause of numerous human conflicts. Few leaders are aware of its harm.

National unity seems like a fantasy these days. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts haven’t brought people closer. Some DEI efforts were made to meet quotas instead of bringing people together. Leaders are longing for solutions to bridge divides and heal scars rooted in so many group identities.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Leadership Speaker
This is the talk of our time. Everyone will benefit from learning why we unconsciously divide people.

Throughout history, humans have demonstrated a very strong tendency to seek categories pitting Us against Them. It seems like our survival requires group affiliations. Tremendous harm has resulted from such artificial divisions. Wars have been fought. Genocides have been carried out. Discrimination used to be widely accepted.

Are human brains programmed to create categories based on ethnicity, gender, politics, social status, age, occupation, or other traits?

What reaction is evoked in the brain when confronted with Them? How do we rationalize beliefs that create human hierarchies? Can we use intelligence, morality, or other valued traits to group people?

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Diversity Inclusion DEI Leadership Speaker

The answers to these questions are critical to the times we live in. Neuroscience can give us valuable insights into the creation of the Us-vs-Them conflict. We can see that these unconscious biases are not set in stone, and can be unlearned and abandoned. Get answers to:

You will learn the powerful effects of unconscious bias on decision making, judgment and personal and professional relationships. Most importantly, you can learn how to use advanced leadership skills to overcome these divisions. As a result, you can cultivate a harmonious and productive atmosphere for your followers and partners.

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When Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts are not guided by science, more divisions may be created. Dr. Wu educates his audiences with the latest scientific insights into how the brain creates and confirms our group affiliations. He will also share proven, practical techniques that can bring people together. Diversity and Inclusion will flourish when belonging is cultivated. Dr. Wu is an international DEI leadership speaker. He makes Neuroscience easy to understand and apply. He is available for your corporate training events, either virtually or in-person.

Howie Milstein Terry, you exemplify the power of slowing down, looking at scientific evidence, and basing our behaviors on rational thinking vs. following the subconscious brain. Thank you, as always, for helping me get control of the sometimes (often?) baloney that comes with simply being human, endowed with a brain that doesn’t always serve us or others most functionally. – Howie Milstein, CEO, The Institute of Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously
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