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Powerful Keynote on the Neuroscience of DEI

DEI Efforts exacerbate Us-vs-Them divisions in our society and workplaces when intended to meet quotas.

Throughout history, humans have strongly tended to seek categories pitting Us against Them. Group affiliation was crucial for our survival during early evolution. Today, we have ingenious ways to invent new groups or identities that divide people into Us and Them.

Dr. Terry Wu guides leaders in enhancing team-building, culture, and DEI with the Science of Us vs. Them.

His powerful, enthralling keynote sheds light on what pulls us apart and how to foster belonging to bridge our differences. His fascinating, Neuroscience-powered content inspires hope and action.

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Keynote: Shift from Us-vs-Them to Belonging with Science

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From this spellbinding keynote, you will learn the invisible effects of Us-vs-Them on our decision-making, judgments, and relationships. Most importantly, you will discover how to use advanced leadership skills to overcome these divisions. You will acquire science-proven strategies to cultivate a harmonious and productive culture.

The Neuroscience of Us vs. Them presented by Dr. Terry Wu will mesmerize you. You will walk away with not only hope but action steps.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to these crucial questions:

The answers to these questions are critical to the times we live in. Neuroscience can give us valuable insights into the creation of the Us-vs-Them conflict. We can see that these unconscious biases are not set in stone and can be unlearned and abandoned.

Keynote Speaker on DEI and Leadership

When Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts are not guided by science, more divisions become inevitable. Dr. Terry Wu educates his audiences with the latest scientific insights into how the brain creates and confirms our group affiliations. He shares proven, practical strategies and tools that bring people together through his engaging and empowering keynotes.

Diversity and Inclusion will flourish when belonging takes center stage. Dr. Terry Wu is a highly sought-after international DEI leadership speaker. He makes Neuroscience fun and easy to understand and apply. He is available for your corporate training events.

Neuroscience of Belonging Leadership Keynote Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Carol Reimers It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Terry Wu speak to the League of Women Voters. His presentation on “Us vs. Them” fit perfectly with our campaign “Engaging our Differences for a Better Community.” His insights into how people perceive and react to opposing opinions are extremely helpful for all of us to consider as we talk to each other. Terry is especially effective with breaking down the aspects of what may divide us. This naturally leads to our discovery of how to listen and learn from each other even when we disagree. Personally, it opened up new considerations to me as I interact with family, friends and other citizens. As our country heads into a heated election season this fall, it is vital that we utilize the information and tools Dr. Wu offers. Let’s cross the divide and begin to communicate in a civil and thoughtful manner. ~ Carol Reimers, President, The League of Women Voters of Connecticut
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