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Apply the Neuroscience of Leadership Decisions

Bad leadership decisions are everyday stressors in the workplace. What causes them? How do you avoid them?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, many leaders scrambled to seek guidance but found little. Mounting uncertainty and unpredictability paralyzed their decision-making. Leadership failures became widespread.

Dr. Terry Wu guides leaders in improving the quality of their decisions with the Neuroscience of Decision-Making.

His keynote demonstrates leaders’ decision blind spots and common mistakes. He teaches leaders how to improve and evaluate the quality of their decisions.

90% “Very Satisfied” + 5% “Satisfied.” Click here to read the positive feedback on Dr. Wu’s presentation, which earned an NPS score of 79.

Keynote: The Neuroscience of Leadership Decisions

In this Neuroscience-driven keynote speech, Dr. Wu will explain how leaders decide to lead and why followers decide to follow. He will demonstrate many invisible influences that impact leadership decisions. His audiences will identify good practices validated by science and leadership misinformation debunked by research.

With this engaging and inspiring keynote, Dr. Wu makes the latest science fun and accessible to leaders.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to these crucial questions:

You will hear the scientific explanation of why so many people quit their jobs during the pandemic. The reason is less glorious than clueless celebrity leaders and speakers have told you. You will learn why diversity training fails to bring people together and understand the science of human bonds. You will acquire three techniques that improve your decision-making skills.

You will recognize our little control over our emotions, contradictory to what emotional intelligence experts have told you.

This keynote talk will inspire your audience and let them feel the power of science. With heightened fear and anxiety during tumultuous times, leaders need to develop a better understanding of their followers’ emotions and behaviors. Now is not the time to copy tactics from celebrity CEOs or politicians. Now is the time to rely on scientific insights to develop proven strategies that produce predictable and reliable outcomes.

Renowned Neuroscientist, Leadership Speaker

With Neuroscience, we have gained a better understanding of leadership decision-making. More importantly, we have better insights into why followers decide to follow.

Most leadership speakers use made-up or unverifiable stories to tell you how to follow celebrity leaders.

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the leadership development industry. It has turned those ideas built on personal experience and anecdotal evidence obsolete. Visionary leaders are seeking science-driven guidance to improve their decision-making.

Dr. Terry Wu delivers actionable ideas that are fun to understand and easy to implement. His engaging and inspiring keynotes have given leaders a new perspective to energize their followers.

Neuroscience of Leadership Decisions Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Brian Lassiter Terry brought leaders in our network highly unique, evidence-based insights to improve how they communicate and lead through this pandemic. Our members greatly appreciated that Terry’s approaches are science-driven, tested and validated, and universal: they can be applied in virtually any size or type of organization. Terry’s presentation on the Neuroscience of Leadership generated all kinds of positive comments. A few attendees shared this positive feedback with me directly. In our follow-up survey, 95% of the audience rated his presentation as satisfied and 90% HIGHLY satisfied. His presentation’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 79, which was off the charts. I’d highly recommend inviting Terry to speak at your events! ~ Brian Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network
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