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Improve Leadership Decision-Making

Bad leadership decisions are everyday stressors in the workplace. What causes them? How do you avoid them?

Has your audience heard enough fluff-filled talks on empathy? Does your team need more positivity to navigate the current mental health crisis? Are you looking for fresh, game-changing insights that fundamentally strengthen leadership?

Forget the old leadership playbook, made obsolete and irrelevant by the pandemic. In an era of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, Dr. Wu’s Neuroscience-powered keynote is a beacon, guiding leaders through storms. It gives your audience or team strategies and tools that yield consistent, successful outcomes.

Dr. Wu empowers leaders to improve the quality of their decisions by following Neuroscience principles.

Keynote: Decode Leadership Decisions with Science

Learning Objectives:

Why This Keynote Is Different:

90% “Very Satisfied” + 5% “Satisfied.” Click here to read the positive feedback on Dr. Wu’s presentation, which earned an NPS score of 79.

Dr. Wu’s science-proven insights offer a radical departure from conventional wisdom, which sounds good in an overhyped pep talk but has failed miserably in the real world.

He demonstrates leaders’ decision blind spots and gives scientific explanations, while teaching them to improve the quality of their decisions.

Forget those run-of-the-mill speeches filled with meaningless buzzwords and made-up stories. Dr. Wu cuts through the noise, challenges the status quo, and debunks misinformation peddled by fad-chasing speakers.

Attendees will leave with more than just motivational quotes; they’ll understand the brain mechanisms that influence how leaders lead and why followers follow.

Captivate your audience with Dr. Wu’s dynamic keynote: his engaging delivery and profound knowledge promise to be the highlight of your conference or training.

The Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker

Dr. Wu’s keynotes are known for their transformative impact. They don’t just impart research studies; they inspire action and change. His gripping delivery ensures his message resonates long after the applause has faded.

Leaders will have plenty of actionable takeaways. They can immediately implement the concrete steps to create a more productive team culture.

So many leadership speakers use made-up stories and biased opinions to tell their audience how to follow celebrity leaders blindly.

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the leadership development and training industry. It has turned those ideas built on personal experience and anecdotal evidence worthless. Visionary leaders crave science-driven guidance to improve their decision-making.

Don’t settle for generic training. Bring Dr. Wu to your next event and energize your audience by harnessing the power of science. Book Dr. Wu for your conference, leadership training program, or corporate event. Your audience or team will thank you for it.

Neuroscience of Leadership Decisions Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Brian Lassiter Terry brought leaders in our network highly unique, evidence-based insights to improve how they communicate and lead through this pandemic. Our members greatly appreciated that Terry’s approaches are science-driven, tested and validated, and universal: they can be applied in virtually any size or type of organization. Terry’s presentation on the Neuroscience of Leadership generated all kinds of positive comments. A few attendees shared this positive feedback with me directly. In our follow-up survey, 95% of the audience rated his presentation as satisfied and 90% HIGHLY satisfied. His presentation’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 79, which was off the charts. I’d highly recommend inviting Terry to speak at your events! ~ Brian Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network
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