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Lead with the Neuroscience of Motivation

Neuroscience has shown us that no single force, such as a noble “Why,” steers us in one direction.

But that hasn’t stopped many leadership speakers from oversimplifying motivation and peddling false claims. They spoon-feed audiences made-up stories about how their glorious “Why” propelled them. Doing a fine job for a decent paycheck is embarrassingly unfulfilling unless your frou-frou “Why” can win you a prize in a virtual signaling contest.

Dr. Terry Wu applies Neuroscience to guide leaders in getting and staying motivated.

Human motivation seems so elusive. Getting followers excited for a day or two is relatively easy for leaders. But getting them engaged and energized for the long haul is quite tricky. Humans are motivated by many invisible forces that are beyond our conscious awareness. Our hormones, genes, cultures, and environments impact us. Neuroscience is sorting out all forces that galvanize us to take action.

Keynote: Get Motivated, Stay Driven with Neuroscience

For eons, humans have been trying to crack the motivation code. There was plenty of effort, ideas, and scams. However, we didn’t know much about what gets us out of bed every day until Neuroscience revealed the biology behind human motivation.

This engaging and information-packed keynote reveals why you LOVE what you do so you feel proud and empowered.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to these crucial questions:

Humans don’t live in a vacuum. Our social environments and interactions are another force that pushes us to get along or fit in.

The complexity of human motivation is astonishing. By studying its brain mechanisms, we explain many mysteries and predict what motivational skills or tactics work to inspire followers.

In the leadership training world, there are many fads regarding motivation. Rare anecdotes and fake stories are abundant. A leadership motivational speaker can get a crowd excited for an hour. But a leader’s challenge is how to get people to stay inspired.

Solving the Motivation Puzzle with Science

Are we driven to seek pleasure? Not always. Snorting cocaine or eating a bucket of ice cream is pleasurable, but many people avoid it. Are we moved to prevent pain? Not always. Eating spicy food or running a marathon is painful, but many people love it.

The answer is always very complicated when it comes to what motivates us.

Our biology plays a significant role in shaping our behavior. Tracing our behavior to our brain chemistry and activity, we better understand what puts the wind in our sails.

Keynote Speaker on the Science of Motivation

Understanding the Neuroscience of Motivation is essential for your leadership and management teams. Too many businesses and organizations rely on guesswork and end up with inconsistent results. Reviewing how you drive your employees to become high achievers from a Neuroscience perspective can reveal areas where they are ineffective or even produce a negative response.

Dr. Terry Wu, a renowned Neuroscientist and engaging leadership speaker, has been teaching how to leverage Neuroscience to energize followers. His thought-provoking and entertaining presentations offer valuable insights to empower leaders to lead with confidence and success.

Neuroscience of Motivation Leadership Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Michelle Stimpson You did a fantastic job talking about the things we all experience in our daily lives, and you helped us see it through a brand new lens – one that illuminates new insights in a way that we’ve probably never even thought about before. You have a powerful way of telling stories, sharing research, and giving examples that helps us better understand ourselves and each other. We need YOUR wisdom and expertise leading the way, especially now. What a huge gift you give us! I hope you know how much incredible value you deliver. ~ Michelle Stimpson, CEO, LifeShine Coaching
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