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Few speakers make complex Neuroscience as entertaining and mesmerizing as Dr. Wu does. His inspiring and fascinating presentations empower leaders everywhere.

Most leadership speakers and trainers rely on rare anecdotes, unverifiable stories, and even fictitious fables. Their teachings have as little value as watching “Home Alone” to study Child Psychology. They tell leaders how to lead using recycled, feel-good buzzwords, such as Why, Authenticity, Empathy, or Vulnerability. However, they have few clues regarding why people follow.

In contrast, Dr. Terry Wu provides Neuroscience-powered leadership training. He offers new scientific insights into leaders’ and followers’ behaviors. He reveals how leaders lead and why followers follow.

3-minute testimonial for Dr. Wu’s presentation “Shift from Us-vs-Them to Belonging.”

The Neuroscience of Leadership Workshops

Dr. Wu helps leaders navigate through uncertain times with our increasing knowledge about human behavior. He turns complex science into real-world practices that leaders can quickly implement. All his content is original, without generic, recycled material from other leadership speakers or authors.

The Neuroscience of Leadership Keynotes

Dr. Wu empowers, educates, and entertains his audiences with his science-driven, content-rich keynotes. He distills the complex science of the brain and human behavior. He turns it into a new set of leadership skills.

Juli Lassow When Terry is your guide, you can trust that he will lead a discussion through complex topics, making them relevant, relatable, and actionable. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Terry share his insights into how we make decisions to lead or follow. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about the decisions you make every day. Please take the opportunity to listen to Terry today or bring him into your organization to challenge and engage your audience! ~ Juli Lassow, Retail Sourcing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Dr. Wu specializes in applying Neuroscience to business leadership, sales, and marketing. He received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. In his 35+ years of work in Neuroscience, he has investigated how brain functions affect every aspect of business, from marketing to management and from sales to leadership.

Half a Million people have watched Dr. Wu’s TED Talk on the science of consumer decisions.

Dr. Wu speaks on the Neuroscience of Leadership to help business and organizational leaders and managers understand how the brain reacts to stress, what motivates maximum performance, and how to increase a cooperative culture.

New Leadership Challenges Require New Ideas

Old methods of handling the complexities of leadership are no longer adequate in today’s disruptive business and social climate. In speaking at leadership training events and business conferences, Dr. Wu brings the complex workings of the human brain to stimulate a new way to enhance leadership. Managers and leaders at all levels have benefited from his science-driven, practical ideas.

From Dr. Wu’s keynote speeches and workshops, you will learn how Neuroscience research studies the brain as it makes decisions and shifts from emotional responses to logical reasoning. Tailoring leadership strategies to take advantage of this new understanding of the brain’s functions enables leaders to improve productivity, help employees cope with unexpected changes, and create new ways to inspire, motivate, and empower staff members.

Neuroscience of Leadership Training Speaker Dr. Terry Wu

Speaker on the Neuroscience of Leadership

Dr. Wu offers new perspectives on leadership development and training. The popularity of his presentations has grown steadily since his first TEDx speech in 2019.

His presentation style is entertaining and compelling. He makes understanding complex Neuroscience fun and easy for audiences. He presents the research and follows up with actionable ideas that can be put to work immediately.

Don’t settle for the same old feel-good pep talks filled with worthless buzzwords. Get evidence-driven information that transforms how you inspire your team members to increase their productivity and well-being.

Schedule Dr. Wu for a thought-provoking keynote or workshop at your next leadership training event or conference. He will deliver fresh, fascinating information to enhance your management or executive team’s potential through his enthralling speaking style.

Neuroscience of Leadership Keynote Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Martha Cox In a time of such turmoil, uncertainty and division, ‘we’ all want to know why ‘they’ are so misguided and just plain wrong. Thanks to Dr. Wu for guiding us to a better understanding of the development of our own beliefs and team loyalties, with his presentation, The Science of Us vs. Them. Terry’s a captivating presenter and storyteller who keeps his audience attentive, engaged and positively challenged. Right now, our democracy demands from each of us a willingness to listen to others with whom we may not agree. Terry’s presentation helps us all take that first step of understanding. ~ Martha Cox, Co-Founder, League of Women Voters and National Institute for Civil Discourse Network
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