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Most leadership speakers base their talks on anecdotal information that has not changed for decades. Meanwhile, Neuroscience research over the past 20 years has revealed how the human brain makes decisions. More importantly, we have learned how our unconscious emotions influence our decision-making. Based on that research, we now understand what empowers effective leadership, and why leaders often make terrible mistakes.

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Terry Wu is a renowned Neuroscientist who specializes in applying Neuroscience insights to business leadership, sales and marketing. He received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1999. In his 30+ years of work in Neuroscience, he has investigated how brain functions affect every aspect of business, from marketing to management and from sales to leadership.

In his many talks to business leaders and executives, he provides actionable information that is backed up by scientific evidence and research.
Juli Lassow When Terry is your guide, you can trust that he will lead a discussion through complex topics, making them relevant, relatable, and actionable. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Terry share his insights into how we make decisions to lead or follow. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about the decisions you make every day. Take the opportunity to listen to Terry today or bring him into your organization to challenge and engage your audience! ~ Juli Lassow, Retail Sourcing Consultant, Author and Speaker

The current Coronavirus epidemic and the upheaval it has caused have made an enormous impact on every business. Dr. Wu will help you navigate through these uncertain times with Neuroscience. Here are some of his keynote speeches.

200,000+ people have watched Dr. Wu’s TED Talk on Neuromarketing: Why the Brain Buys.

Dr. Wu is now speaking on the Neuroscience of Leadership to help business and organizational leaders and managers understand how the brain reacts to stress and what motivates maximum performance.

New Leadership Challenges Require New Ideas

Old methods of handling the complexities of leadership are no longer adequate in today’s disruptive business and social climate. In speaking at leadership training events, business conferences, and entrepreneurial gatherings, Dr. Wu provides insights into the complex workings of the human brain as it faces challenges. He presents actionable ideas, backed by Neuroscience research, to help managers and leaders at all levels lead with confidence.

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From Dr. Wu’s keynote speeches and workshops, you will learn how Neuroscience research studies the brain as it makes decisions and shifts from emotional responses to logical reasoning. Tailoring leadership strategies to take advantage of this new understanding of the brain’s functions enables leaders to improve productivity, help employees cope with unexpected changes, and create new ways to inspire, motivate, and empower staff members.

Virtual or In-Person Speaker on the Neuroscience of Leadership

As a renowned speaker, Dr. Wu offers new perspectives on leadership development. The popularity of his presentations has grown steadily since his first TEDx speech in 2019. His presentation style is informative, compelling, and makes understanding complex Neuroscience easy for audiences. He presents the research and follows up with actionable ideas that can be put to work immediately.

Schedule Dr. Wu for a full-length keynote address at your next leadership training event or conference. Book him for a virtual appearance if you are holding an online event. Either way, he will deliver fresh, science-based information that will help your management or executive team enhance its leadership potential. Don’t settle for the same old feel-good pep talks. Get information that will transform your approach to inspiring your staff to increase its true potential.

Mike Gregory If you have not heard Dr. Terry Wu speak, you are missing out. I had the distinct pleasure to hear Terry speak in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I was blown away. Working with neuroscientists, keeping up on current events in the field and sharing ideas with others is my passion. Terry presented an entirely new set of information to me and in a way that I and the entire audience could clearly understand and apply. Terry has so much insight and provides such great information that you want to know more. More importantly he presents it in such a nice way that everyone appreciates his interactive, educational, fun and humorous style. I highly recommend Dr. Terry Wu as a speaker to help you understand and to apply neuroscience for your firm, association, or society. The participants will leave with a very positive feeling and with a perspective that they can take immediate actions based on his insights. – Mike Gregory, CEO, Speaker and Author, The Collaboration Effect
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