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Cutting-edge Keynote on Leadership and Burnout

Resilience training endlessly promotes the false idea that we all have unlimited tolerance for stress.

In a world where resilience is the buzzword, Dr. Terry Wu delivers a reality check: Our stress tolerance isn’t infinite.

Workplace stress and employee burnout are hitting crisis levels, fueled by fear, uncertainty, and isolation. The predominant message from management? It is your problem, so take care of yourself or tough it out. Dr. Wu’s message? Good leadership is an effective stress buffer and burnout reducer.

Dr. Wu brings Neuroscience to guide leaders in handling work and life stressors for themselves and their followers and avoiding becoming stressors to their followers.

Keynote: Conquer Burnout, Ignite Leadership

Learning Objectives:

Why This Keynote Is Different:

1.2+ million people have learned Dr. Wu’s Neuroscience-powered coping strategies to lower chronic stress.

Dr. Wu’s keynote presentation isn’t just another generic resilience or self-care talk. He doesn’t tell his audience to practice meditation or ask them to reframe an unfortunate situation as a growth opportunity. Instead, he provides science-proven tools and skills that they could implement in their workplaces and personal lives.

He emphasizes the importance of finding psychological safety signals during tough times and demonstrates how to do just that. He explains how incompetent leaders and bosses can take away safety signals from their employees and create toxic cultures.

100% “Very Satisfied”. Click here to read the positive feedback from a group of senior leaders who attended Dr. Wu’s presentation in 2022.

Target Audiences and Details:

Keynote Speaker on the Science of Stress Management

Dr. Wu shatters the myth that resilience and self-care can help employees keep their heads above water when drowning in chronic stress at work or home.

Dr. Wu’s keynote on leadership, stress, and burnout is the talk of our time. As a trailblazer in the Neuroscience of leadership, he delivers an electrifying keynote that redefines how leaders and followers combat stress and mitigate stressors. It inspires and empowers leaders to become burnout barriers, not creators.

Don’t let burnout and decreased productivity plague your organization or team. Invest in your leaders’ and teams’ performance by booking Dr. Terry Wu for your next keynote or training session. His interactive and captivating speaking style will leave your audience or team inspired and equipped with practical, science-powered strategies for success.

1.2+ million people have watched this Big Think program on Stress and Online Shopping, featuring Dr. Terry Wu.

Dr. Wu shines as a beacon of hope in a world of mounting stress. As a renowned Neuroscientist, he makes the Neuroscience of Leadership practical and actionable. Your audience and teams desperately need his wisdom.

The workplace is in crisis, and it’s time for proactive leadership. Don’t settle for unproven advice; trust in science. Join the ranks of Dr. Wu’s satisfied audiences who’ve witnessed his transformative talks.

Ready to rewrite your story on stress and burnout? Contact Dr. Terry Wu today. Your leadership and staff teams deserve it.
Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscientist
Adam Naryka Dr. Terry Wu gave a fantastic keynote to the Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans on Stress Reduction and its relationship to Leadership! It was fascinating to learn from him how stress can’t be eliminated, but can be managed. He shared three main ways to accomplish this through control, predictability and progress. His insights are proven by science and he provided many time-tested actionable ideas. Given the level of stress that is prevalent during the pandemic, this talk comes at an ideal time. We are so grateful to Terry for sharing his expertise and wisdom with us and would encourage other organizations to seek him out as a speaker! ~ Adam Naryka, President, Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans
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