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Strengthen Leadership by Reducing Burnout

Resilience training endlessly promotes the false idea that we all have unlimited tolerance for stress.

Chronic stress and burnout result from prolonged fear, uncertainty, and social isolation. Poor leadership is the most common stressor in the workplace. In these tumultuous times, overemphasizing self-care and resilience shifts the responsibility of reducing stress and burnout from leaders to followers.

Dr. Terry Wu brings Neuroscience to guide leaders in handling their and their followers’ stressors better.

He gives leaders science-proven tools to mitigate the unwanted impacts of stressors and avoid becoming their followers’ stressors. He offers a new scientific perspective on the intricate relationship between leadership and stress. He helps leaders and followers navigate times of high burnout by going far beyond self-care and resilience.

100% “Very Satisfied”. Click here to read the positive feedback from a group of senior leaders who attended Dr. Wu’s presentation in 2022. The event’s NPS score was 80.

Keynote: How Effective Leaders Prevent Burnout

This presentation will explain how fear triggers physiological and psychological responses. Through scientific knowledge, you will acquire new skills to better cope with your stressors. You will also learn the role of leadership in guiding followers into a safe and productive space with predictable outcomes.

This highly engaging and life-changing keynote is packed with scientific information made accessible and relatable to non-scientists.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to these crucial questions:

Dr. Terry Wu will share his insights into these 5 essential stress reduction elements in his keynote speech. Leaders can implement them in workplaces and personal lives.

Linda Ruhland Dr. Terry Wu brings science into the discussion of stress and its effect on leadership, decision-making, health, and business. In addition to providing evidence of its increasing pervasiveness, Dr. Wu masterfully presents ways to identify, isolate, and mitigate stressors in your environment at work and home. His timely insights into this topic are a benefit for everyone to hear. His actionable ideas are precious to business leaders and executives in guiding them to create a low-stress culture. ~ Linda Ruhland, CEO, Success Authorities

Keynote Speaker: The Science of Stress Management

This keynote is the talk of our time. Everyone will benefit from learning effective stress management techniques. A large body of scientific research has shown how to find safety signals even during tough times. However, the science of stress reduction is very complicated. Few speakers on this subject can explain the science to a general audience and make it understandable and actionable.

1.2+ million people have watched this Big Think program on Stress and Online Shopping, featuring Dr. Terry Wu.

The human brain is ill-adapted to handle chronic stressors. The post-pandemic chaos, job insecurity, high inflation, and toxic work cultures can all set off our fight-or-flight responses. As a result, our physical and mental well-being suffers. We are facing a mental health crisis. If leaders fail to stay proactive in tackling these problems, decreased productivity and increased burnout will be inevitable.

This keynote is NOT a generic resilience talk that tells you to practice yoga or meditation. It doesn’t ask you to reframe your unfortunate situation as a growth opportunity.

Leaders are scrambling to find ways to reduce high burnout in the workplace. However, most stress management and burnout prevention information doesn’t teach us to handle stressors more effectively. We often can’t tell what is scientifically proven and what is not. Even worse, what works for some may harm others.

As a renowned Neuroscientist and enthralling speaker, Dr. Terry Wu excels at bringing science to everyday practices. His interactive and enthralling talks will change how you view stress and how you can gain control over it. He has spoken at many businesses and organizations. His audiences love how he translates complex science into everyday practice through his entertaining speaking style.

Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscientist
Adam Naryka Dr. Terry Wu gave a fantastic keynote to the Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans on Stress Reduction and its relationship to Leadership! It was fascinating to learn from him how stress can’t be eliminated, but can be managed. He shared three main ways to accomplish this through control, predictability and progress. His insights are proven by science and he provided many time-tested actionable ideas. Given the level of stress that is prevalent during the pandemic, this talk comes at an ideal time. We are so grateful to Terry for sharing his expertise and wisdom with us and would encourage other organizations to seek him out as a speaker! ~ Adam Naryka, President, Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans
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