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Groundbreaking Workshop on Leadership, Stress, and Burnout

Scientific research shows that a highly effective way to reduce stress is to give it to someone else.

Unfortunately, leaders have the power to pass their frustration and anger on to their employees with toxic behaviors. In contrast, reducing high stress and burnout is a hallmark of good leadership.

Dr. Terry Wu presents a trailblazing and engaging workshop that provides a unique Neuroscience perspective on how leadership, stress, and burnout are interconnected. He explains how stress affects the brain and human behavior and equips leaders with science-proven tools to effectively mitigate work and life stressors, not just for themselves but for their teams.

Most importantly, he teaches leaders how to avoid becoming their followers’ stressors.

Workshop: Transform Leadership, Beat Burnout

Learning Objectives:

Why This Workshop Is Different:

100% “Very Satisfied”. Click here to read the positive feedback from a group of senior leaders who participated in this workshop in 2022. The event’s NPS score was 80.

Are you tired of the same old resilience training that endlessly promotes self-care? Such training suggests that stress and burnout are signs of weakness. It has a passive-aggressive undertone of blaming and shaming the victims.

In contrast, Dr. Wu argues high stress and burnout are rooted in poor leadership. He lays out actionable steps to address the direct causes of toxic stress instead of resorting to the Band-Aid approach. His approach relies on robust scientific evidence, not just feel-good platitudes or unverifiable stories.

Instead of confusing you with buzzwords like Empathy, Authenticity, Why, or Vulnerability, which lack precise definitions, Dr. Wu connects the dots between Stress and Leadership. The stress response is universal and measurable. Dr. Wu has built a Neuroscience-powered framework that reliably explains and predicts leaders’ and followers’ behavior.

His framework is indispensable for effective leadership.

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Handle Stressors Effectively to Prevent Burnout

There are thousands of self-care and resilience workshops based on trainers’ personal experiences and anecdotes. Such training teaches how to practice yoga and meditation, but it rarely addresses how to assess or manage life and work stressors.

Why are such workshops counterproductive or even harmful? When businesses and organizations require employees to participate in such mandatory training, the hidden message to the employees is, “Burnout is your problem, not ours.” Employees feel like failures when none of those yoga or breathing exercises work.

Self-care does little to fix burnout because no one has unlimited tolerance for chronic stress caused by toxic managers and bosses.

Dr. Terry Wu, a leading Neuroscientist and captivating speaker, transforms complex science into actionable insights. Join 2+ million people who’ve embraced his engaging, relatable guidance.

Make the move. Shift from temporary fixes to sustainable, science-driven stress management and burnout reduction. Contact Dr. Terry Wu for a workshop to revolutionize your leadership approach and empower your team to conquer stress and burnout.

Neuroscience of Leadership Keynote Workshop Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Sara Krisher Terry’s workshop was fascinating. The first half of the workshop was lecture-style with incredible research. Terry is a master of his material. He revealed five safety signals we can be strategic about in our lives to mitigate the effects of stress. The second half of the workshop was a facilitated discussion which allowed us to reflect on our own lives. We got to see whether the five safety signals were present or not and consider ideas for stress reduction. My Vistage group invited individuals from their team and they were so happy they did. Every leader needs to know this content. ~ Sara Cross, Vistage Chair, President of STAND TALL, Public Speaker, and Author
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