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Why the Brain Follows

The COVID pandemic has witnessed widespread leadership failures. Leaders have been trying to lead without the knowledge of why followers follow.

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives. Businesses and organizations have to respond to both emergencies and future uncertainties. The lack of control and predictability has become the new norm.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the leadership development industry. Leaders at all levels look for guidance, but have found little. Leadership development and training have been relying on personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and personalities. Lessons learned by individual persons under unique circumstances during specific times can’t be applied broadly.

Most leadership speakers focus on teaching you how to lead, but they are clueless about why people follow.
Scott Welle I’ve been fortunate to hear Terry speak multiple times and he has the unique ability to blend proven, relevant research WITH practical strategies that people can use and implement immediately. If you’re looking to better understand the neuroscience of sales and leadership, Terry is a captivating speaker that always delivers. Book him! ~ Scott Welle, Keynote Speaker and Peak Performance Trainer
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With Neuroscience, we have gained a better understanding of leadership decision-making. More importantly, we have better insights into why followers decide to follow.

Neuroscience of Leadership Keynote Speaker

In his keynote speech, Dr. Wu will bring your attention to some misinformation about leadership that is not supported by science. At the same time, he will validate your good practices with science. You will get answers to:

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Powered by Neuroscience, your leadership will become more predictable, reliable and successful. Whether it is a virtual webinar or an in-person, live presentation, Dr. Wu delivers actionable ideas that your audience can apply and relatable knowledge that is easy to understand.

Rick Brimacomb Terry has provided tremendous value and insights to the Club E community. He is an expert on applying Neuroscience to business leadership and operations. He is able to communicate best practices fluently and effectively. Terry leaves an audience with a new perspective on how to approach marketing and awareness on how companies apply strategies around the subconscious behaviors of consumers. Terry has spoken to Club E multiple times, including at an extremely well attended panel, “Selling on Emotion,” we’ve had requests from our community to have him back for another panel and we certainly will! – Rick Brimacomb, Founder, Club E
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