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Leadership Training Workshop on Stressor Management

Dr. Terry Wu brings the Science of Stress and Burnout Reduction to Leadership Training. He teaches leaders how to avoid becoming their followers’ stressors.
Scientific research shows that a highly effective way to reduce stress is to give it to someone else.

Unfortunately, leaders have the power and privilege to pass their frustration and anger on to their employees with micromanagement, mandates, displacement aggression, and other toxic behaviors.

100% “Very Satisfied”. Click here to read the positive feedback from a group of senior leaders who participated in this workshop in November of 2022.

Growing scientific evidence demonstrates that stress affects not only our health but also our ability to make good decisions. When under stress, leaders often make bad decisions, causing more stress to themselves and their employees. In the workplace, poor leadership is the most common stressor, while good leadership is the most desired stress reducer.

Workshop: Transform Leadership by Managing Stressors

By understanding stress’ impacts on the brain and human behavior, leaders can gain clarity on their roles in making their followers feel safe. They will equip themselves with science-proven tools and skills to make better decisions and produce more successful outcomes.

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Terri Mattson Terry’s talk on ‘The Science of Stress Reduction’ clears up and answers questions regarding why and how we react under stress. You know you can’t control it but why? Terry gives his audience a new, fascinating way to assess stressors. He provides a scientific framework built on having control, predictability, and progress. He breaks down the science in an interesting and factual way so you can begin to understand the pathways to breaking free and acquiring new habits to help you deal with stress. He discusses triggers and how to block them as well as clearly defining the body and brain’s response to various situations. Terry captivates his audience with his knowledge of the brain while sharing techniques so you control your auto response. Fight or flight? Terry explains it all. I highly recommend inviting Terry to speak to your audience or team because his insights are so helpful in reducing stress and burnout. ~ Terri Mattson, Life Coach, Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness
Neuroscience of Leadership Training Workshop

The Science of Stress and Burnout Prevention

There are thousands of self-care and resilience workshops out there. But nearly all of them are based on personal experience, anecdotes, or recycled content. They rarely address how to assess or handle stressors. Why are such workshops counterproductive or even harmful? When businesses and organizations require their employees to participate in such mandatory workshops, the hidden message to those employees is, “Your stress or burnout is your problem. So fix it.” When none of those breathing exercises works, it is the employees who feel like they are failures.

Good leaders can shift from the “band-aid” approach to a new, science-driven approach to reduce their followers’ stress and mitigate burnout. Dr. Terry Wu, a renowned Neuroscientist, teaches and facilitates this workshop. Dr. Wu turns complex science into actionable practices that will change how you manage stress. He gives you real tools supported by decades of scientific research.

Neuroscience of Leadership Speaking Virtual In-Person
Sara Krisher Terry’s workshop was fascinating. The first half of the workshop was lecture-style with incredible research. Terry is a master of his material. He revealed five safety signals we can be strategic about in our lives to mitigate the effects of stress. The second half of the workshop was a facilitated discussion which allowed us to reflect on our own lives. We got to see whether the five safety signals were present or not and consider ideas for stress reduction. My Vistage group invited individuals from their team and they were so happy they did. Every leader needs to know this content. ~ Sara Krisher, Vistage Chair, President of STAND TALL, Public Speaker, and Author
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