Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker Trainer

Neuroscience-Powered Leadership Coaching

Reducing stress for leaders and followers is the essence of good, sustainable leadership.

Dr. Terry Wu teaches leaders like you a science-proven framework to deal with stressors to minimize their impact on you and your employees. He guides you in:

Dr. Wu customizes his coaching to meet your needs. He doesn’t use any off-the-shelf programs because coaching that focuses on the science of stress reduction is NOT available anywhere else.

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

If you are a leader who wants to avoid being hostile, indifferent, or exhausted, this program is for YOU. Dr. Wu’s Neuroscience-driven leadership coaching program is for leaders who have significant impacts on their organizations, communities, or teams:

If you want to enhance your decision-making capability, make a more significant influence, and lead wisely, contact us for a discovery call.

What Dr. Wu’s Coaching DOESN’T Do

Dr. Wu follows science instead of the latest fads. He doesn’t waste your money and time searching for your illusive Why or purpose. He believes that thoughts follow actions, so he aims to change your actions, not thoughts or mindset.

Thrive in Tumultuous Times

Equipped with an understanding of human behavior, leaders can produce more predictable and successful outcomes.

The rising inflation, burnout, and political polarization are causing tremendous anxiety in our society. How we take care of ourselves and each other makes a big difference in getting us through these trying times.

What is the built-in mechanism for humans to effectively cope with mounting stress? It is not yoga, meditation, or discovering a glorious Why, as many resilience gurus would like you to believe. It is passing stress on to someone else.

Who is in the position to do that? It is leaders. Micromanagement, mandates, retaliation, bullying, and displacement aggression are typical behaviors of stressed leaders.

As a leader, your stress does harm not only to you but also to many others. A very effective coping strategy is to pass it on to someone else.

No amount of training on emotional intelligence, communication, trust, and empathy will lead you anywhere. You can’t be an effective leader unless you have dealt with your stressors.

Does practicing yoga or meditation reduce stress? It does for a few people but NOT for most people. One person’s stress reducer can be another person’s stressor.

The emphasis on self-care and resilience misses the target because it fails to deal with stressors. Unless you know why stressors are so stressful and how to lower the impact of a stressor, you won’t make a dent in your stress.

Don’t wait until a problem becomes a crisis. Work with Dr. Wu to bring predictable, successful outcomes to you and your team.
Amy Theisen Dr. Wu’s stress-reducing talk is simply fascinating. When we understand that there are subtle and not so subtle things going on in our brains that trigger stress and anxiety, we can begin to control our response or at least be fascinated by the science behind the stress. I have used the examples Dr. Wu shares numerous times with clients and from the front of the room, weaving in the neuroscience behind our human responses in an effort to shine a light on how in control we can be of our lives if we simply implement strategies to train our brain. I highly recommend this talk in these challenging times. ~ Amy Theisen, CEO, Infinity Life Design
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