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The Science of Stress Reduction

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Stress often comes from fear, uncertainty, and personal isolation. In these tumultuous times, our emotions are understandably stretched to their limits.

Leaders are scrambling to find ways to calm their teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most information on stress management doesn’t go beyond what seems like common sense. Very often, we can’t tell what is scientifically proven and what is not. Even worse, what works for some may not work for others.

The human brain is ill-adapted to handle chronic stressors. The Coronavirus pandemic, job insecurity, mortgages, and relationships can all set off the stress response. As a result, our physical and mental well-being suffers. The pandemic is causing an invisible mental health crisis. As a leader, if you fail to stay proactive, decreased productivity and increased burnout will be inevitable.

This is the talk of our time. Everyone will benefit from learning effective stress management techniques.
Keynote Speaker Stress Reduction Virtual Webinar In-Person

Top-Rated Speaker on Stress Reduction

A large body of scientific research has shown how we can find safety signals even during tough times. In his keynote speech, Dr. Terry Wu will share his insights into these 5 important elements of stress reduction:

Neuroscience Stress Reduction Speaker Virtual In-Person

His presentation will explain how fear triggers a chain of physiological and psychological responses. Through scientific knowledge, you will come to understand proven methods of stress management. You will also learn the role of leadership in guiding followers into a safe productive space with predictable outcomes.

You’ll discover what decades of research have shown:

Neuroscience of Leadership Speaking Virtual In-Person

The science of stress reduction is very complicated. Few speakers on this subject can explain the science to a general audience and make it understandable and actionable. As a renowned Neuroscientist and public speaker, Dr. Wu excels at bringing science to everyday practices. His talks will change how you view stress and how you can gain control over it. He is available for virtual or in-person presentations. He has spoken at many organizations and is known internationally for his expertise.

Michelle Stimpson You did a fantastic job talking about the things we all experience in our daily lives, and you helped us see it through a brand new lens – one that illuminates new insights in a way that we’ve probably never even thought about before. You have a powerful way of telling stories, sharing research, and giving examples that helps us better understand ourselves and each other. We need YOUR wisdom and expertise leading the way, especially now. What a huge gift you give us! I hope you know how much incredible value you deliver. – Michelle Stimpson, CEO, LifeShine Coaching
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