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Dr. Terry Wu ~ Renowned Neuroscientist and Speaker

Born and raised in China, Dr. Terry Wu lived through some tumultuous times. In 1990, he gave up pursuing a medical degree and fled to America.

He is very grateful for the new opportunities that America has bestowed upon him and the wonderful people who have mentored, supported, and cheered for him along the way.

His interest in the intersection of Neuroscience and Leadership began in early 2020. When the pandemic first hit, leadership failures became widespread. Leaders at all levels scrambled to search for guidance but found little. Well-known speakers, authors, and experts were just as clueless.

Dr. Wu turns Neuroscience into captivating stories that his audiences can relate to. When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop in the room. He brings laughter, tears, and empowerment wherever and whenever he presents.
Leadership Training Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
Dr. Wu has worked with countless leaders from all walks of life for nearly three decades and developed strong, lasting relationships with them. He has seen how good leaders thrive and how bad leaders fall.

Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University for his research into learning and memory. He spent 20 years at the University of Minnesota, focusing on understanding a wide range of human behaviors through our growing knowledge about the brain. During the same time, he built a successful marketing firm with his insights into why people buy.

Uncovering the Secrets of Why People Follow

How did the multibillion-dollar leadership training and development industry fail to prepare leaders to face such a once-in-a-lifetime challenge? One reason is that the entire industry is built on rare anecdotes, made-up stories, and celebrity personalities.

Numerous trainers rely on oversimplified scenarios to explain complex human behavior. Their insights are situational at best, offering little practical value in an unpredictable world.

Another reason is that leadership trainers only teach leaders how to lead but know little about why people follow. They recycle and rebrand the same old content without genuinely understanding the behavioral patterns of both leaders and followers.

Chasing the latest buzzwords or fads, such as Why, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Resilience, and Empathy, has become a norm.

After examining the interplay between leaders’ and followers’ behavioral patterns, Dr. Wu has built a Neuroscience-powered framework that centers on how stress, belonging, motivation, and leadership are intertwined. For the first time, this framework explains why people follow leaders and predicts whether followers will follow.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscientist Leadership Speaker

Transforming Leadership with Neuroscience

The leadership training and development industry is cluttered with unproven theories, unfounded claims, and unverifiable stories. Speakers, authors, and experts recycle the same content with little knowledge of what influences human behavior. Let’s start your Why, then work on your Vulnerability. Let’s check that Authenticity box too. Don’t forget to demonstrate your Empathy so you can go from Good to Great. If nothing works, your Why must be unclear. Any laid-off or fired business executive can hang out their shingle as a leadership trainer by following a generic playbook.

The pandemic has forever changed the landscape of leadership training and development. Outdated strategies, tools, and tactics have become irrelevant. Fresh, science-proven ideas are urgently needed.

Dr. Wu applies Neuroscience to explain and predict leaders’ and followers’ behaviors. By showing leaders Why People Follow, he teaches them how to inspire, motivate, and care for their followers. His unique insights have given them a refreshing perspective along with actionable practices.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscience of Leadership Training Speaker
Dr. Terry Wu is one of a few Neuroscientists who make complex science fun and actionable for the general public. He leaves his audiences energized and inspired.

He is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and educator. His thought-provoking and enthralling keynotes and workshops have deeply impacted the personal and professional lives of his audiences. His influence has reached a global audience of more than 2 million people.

Dr. Wu continues researching what makes people follow and is writing a book on this vital subject. He travels around the country regularly and presents to CEO groups, leadership academies, association conferences, and corporate training. He and his wife live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area in Minnesota.

Dr. Terry Wu Speaker Neuroscience of Leadership
Cathy Fitzhenry I had Dr. Terry Wu speak with my Vistage CEO board on the topic of STRESS and how it is different post-pandemic. In very simple terms, He covered how short-term stress builds up quickly and turns into chronic stress and burnout. My board members wanted to know why some of their A+ employees are now performing at a C- level. Terry answered this question and gave my members a unique lens to know exactly what causes this issue. He presented a science-powered framework for leaders to mitigate stressors effectively for themselves and their teams. He explained the science behind 5 psychological safety signals and how leaders can proactively create those signals. His framework is not only easy to understand but also very practical in both life and business. He gave me and my members a fresh perspective to look at how leadership and stress are intertwined. His amazing workshop will benefit leaders of all levels. ~ Cathy “Fitz” Fitzhenry, Vistage Chair, Author, and CEO Coach
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