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Dr. Terry Wu ~ Renowned Neuroscientist and Speaker

Born and raised in China, Dr. Terry Wu lived through some tumultuous times. In 1990, he fled to America, only 2 years away from receiving his M.D. degree.

Grateful for the opportunities that America has offered him, Dr. Wu cherishes the friends, mentors, and supporters who have shaped his path.

Fast forward to 2020, when a leadership crisis unfolded. Dr. Wu saw the confusion that the pandemic caused among leaders. It was evident that traditional leadership training and development failed miserably. That’s when he pioneered the Neuroscience of leadership and translated complex science into impactful and proven guidance.

Dr. Wu turns Neuroscience into captivating stories that his audiences can relate to. When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop in the room.
Leadership Training Speaker Dr. Terry Wu
With a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and two decades at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Wu deeply understands the brain and human behavior.

As a successful entrepreneur, he understands real-world problems that businesses and organizations face. He’s seen leaders succeed and fail. Now, he can use the science of the brain to explain why and provide reliable solutions.

Uncovering the Secrets of Why People Follow

Dr. Wu asks hard questions that don’t attract much attention. Why didn’t the multibillion-dollar leadership training and development industry prepare leaders to face the pandemic? Its misguided focus is on telling leaders how they should lead. Plus, the whole industry relies on unverifiable anecdotes, made-up stories, and biased personal opinions.

Few experts address the core question: Why do people follow?

Dr. Wu has crafted a Neuroscience-powered framework that reveals the answer. He uncovers how leadership, stress, belonging, and motivation are tightly intertwined. He provides leaders with a new lens to examine leadership. His framework precisely predicts and explains leaders’ and followers’ behaviors.

Chasing buzzwords or fads has been the hallmark of leadership development.

The leadership landscape has changed. Dr. Wu’s fresh, science-driven approach is the answer to a field cluttered with outdated ideas. He doesn’t just teach leaders to lead; he teaches them why people follow. His knowledge is the edge that CEOs, HR directors, and conference organizers need.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscientist Leadership Speaker

Transforming Leadership with Neuroscience

Dr. Wu’s keynotes and workshops are electric. His stories resonate. He leaves audiences not just motivated but equipped with practical tools to inspire and lead. His global impact is growing, with over 2 million reached and counting.

Continuing his research and writing a highly anticipated book, Dr. Wu is the speaker you want at your next event. He’s the trainer your leadership team needs to hear from. Don’t settle for tired concepts. Choose the Neuroscience-proven wisdom that will truly empower your leaders.

Dr. Terry Wu Neuroscience of Leadership Training Speaker
Dr. Terry Wu is one of a few Neuroscientists who make complex science fun and actionable for the general public. He leaves his audiences in awe and craving for more.

Join Dr. Wu in this leadership revolution. Energize and enlighten your executive team or audience with science, not just fabricated stories. Revamp and rejuvenate leadership.

Dr. Terry Wu Speaker Neuroscience of Leadership
Cathy Fitzhenry I had Dr. Terry Wu speak with my Vistage CEO board on the topic of STRESS and how it is different post-pandemic. In very simple terms, He covered how short-term stress builds up quickly and turns into chronic stress and burnout. My board members wanted to know why some of their A+ employees are now performing at a C- level. Terry answered this question and gave my members a unique lens to know exactly what causes this issue. He presented a science-powered framework for leaders to mitigate stressors effectively for themselves and their teams. He explained the science behind 5 psychological safety signals and how leaders can proactively create those signals. His framework is not only easy to understand but also very practical in both life and business. He gave me and my members a fresh perspective to look at how leadership and stress are intertwined. His amazing workshop will benefit leaders of all levels. ~ Cathy “Fitz” Fitzhenry, Vistage Chair, Author, and CEO Coach
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